Perfect Smart Locks

Safety and reliable: can compatible the induction card on market, configure it to become the door open card, if the card lost also can report the loss of indep-endently

◆The main function characteristics:

  • Card types: Mifare card
  • The lock mode can be set: induction card, password, and key
  • You can delete open card and password on the door lock, without computer support system.
  • It can be equipped with more than one induction card to open the door.
  • It will automatically alarm when door is open.
  • The low voltage alarm
  • The battery power supply, external power supply, 4 batteries of 5# will be available for more than 5 months.


Administrator:open the PC or mobile terminal software, click on the corresponding icon, select the effective time limit and click ‘check in’,will extract the password.

Guests: input the password to the corresponding door lock to open the door.

Check out:
1. After the check out time, password will immediately lapse.
2. In any state, press the new password on the door lock, the old one will immediately lapse.

New guests stay:the administrator in the software to re-enter the valid period, you can extract a new password.

Easy installation:
The size is fully compatible with most of doors, not to be modified, just a few more holes, directly installed on the door without wiring, achieve remote management without the line. With the installation of video and detailed specification.

Perfect Smart Lock

Perfect Smart Lock is a patent product for the remote door lock management of vocation house, which is developed and designed by Perfect Life Inc (registered in the Silicon Valley). It doesn’t need wiring,  alternating current power (internal battery), SIM card, and wifi. It is compatible with 95% to install, replace the original lock, don't need to replace the door, after a simple installation, remote management can be achieved immediately.

Administrators can directly use mobile phone or PC software to get a different password to guests according to the different time to stay in. guests can open the door after input the password.

According to the check-out time, the administrator could check out at any time on the phone or PC software, and after the entery of a new password on the door, the old one will immediately lapse.

Stirring Price:$789 !!!

This is really simple!! Practical and very convenient, whatever managers or guests don't need learning!!

◆  Touchy Password Keyboard + Induction Card + Mechanical Keys + Mobile Phone Password Management

Operating voltage: 6.0 V alkaline battery (section 4)

Static power: < 100 ua

Dynamic power consumption: < 200 ma

Battery life: 10 months above 5 # authentic alkaline batteries (section 4)

Tip: low voltage of 4.5 V

Card read distance: > 1 IN

Working temperature: 0 °F to 160°F

Working humidity: 80% or less