This is a villa pervades with art. You will feel like living in the art world. Enjoy the purest American vacation and experience the most inviting sunny journey just by simply staying here. King room has been decorated into a quaint palace which can bring you a relaxed feeling and comfortable. Blue sea style of the Sea room creates a quiet and dreamy image. Entering the Flower room, you will be fascinated by the romantic and warm feeling surrounding you. Like the Garden of Eden, Garden room will make you feel alive. National flags in front door welcome you into the house. DIY handing painting picture of Golden Bridge on the wall leaves you with visual impact. Photos of famous sights and pictures in the corridor with American film are full of American-style element, let you feel strong exotic climate and have a perfect vacation.

Disney Dream Princess Villa


Sunny & Elegant Villa


Our house is fully furbished and brand new and is extremely clean. 
Living room, auditorium room, King master room, master bathroom,Mickey Minnie room , car room, princess bedroom, toy standard room, kitchen and dining room can all be found here. 
Furniture in those rooms are all Disney style! Staying here is just like living in a world in Disney land! Magnificent feeling! 
The location is amazing with only 2.5 miles to Disney. 
Our property is surrounded by quiet parks, serene streets and friendly people. Universal Studio and Honda center are just 15 minutes drive away. Absolutely no people with criminal record, or gang affiliations. This place is perfect for nice, trouble-free people who want to feel at home while they enjoy a great vacation.